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    • Hello Visioneers! Do you want to see something in the game? Submit a suggestion here: http://vision317.com/forums/index.php?/forum/16-suggestions/ These are the updates of (4/5/18-4/8/18), stay tuned for more: 4/5/18-
      -Website is now back up!
      -Fixed Vote Mystery Box reward text
      -Integrated Regular Mystery and Weapon Boxes with new MBOX system
      -Fixed Mouse Scroll Zooming so you can only zoom in and out in certain spots
      -Integrated multiple Mystery Box handling system to handle multiple boxes
      -Weapon Boxes now work
      -Changed Quest Tab color from GREEN to RED
      -Made alot of the chat notifications more appealing to the eye
      New Content:
      -Implemented interface for Upgrade System
      -When clicking Upgrade Chest, it'll now show the new interface
      -Added in Lava Torva and Lava Pernix into the game
      Bug Patches:
      -Flame Raptor Platebody now goes in the right slot
      -Login Messages now work upon login
      -Super Donators aren't able to view ip's upon login anymore
      -Redesigned the Mystery Box interface
      -Readjusted Zoom In and Out buttons more to the right
      -Redid alot of the colors
      -Changed Lava Torva Helm inventory model
      -Added Ironman and Ultimate Mode to ::players
      New Stuff:
      -Implemented "I Buy Anything" shop
      -Implemented Iron Man Mode
      -Added in ::giveiron and ::givehelper for future staff uses
      -Teleport system now supports npckill requirements and donator rank requirements
      -New Model Header now in the game, expect upcoming sick content
      Bug Patches:
      -You can now open upgrade chest and it'll show proper interface
      -Removed Old Login Starter Interface that didn't work properly and brought back the old one,
      new one coming soon.
      -Mystery Box System now loads proper items when spinning
      -Whenever hovering over an Ultimate Mode player, it'll show Ultimate (colored) before their name
      instead of "<col=80000000000>Vern"
      Ironman Features:
      -Can't Trade
      -Can't access certain shops
      -EXP rates are 35% slower
      -Drop Rate Bonus is an extra 10% Ultimate title before name:
      Re-Adjusted Zoom in and out buttons: Ironman Rank/Mode:
    • Looking good lad, keep it up. 
    • Hello everyone! So Vision317 will be coming back very soon, with that being said, here are the recent updates:   3/26/18-
      *Implemented fully working Placeholders 4/3/18-
      *New Drop System:
      - Ability to adjust a range from the dropped item amount (e.g: drop 5m-1m coins)
      - Ability to adjust the chance and roll relation (not always out of 100, you can do x:y e.g: 1:100, 1:500, 1:whatever)
      - Ability to pass in the modifier, so you can easily change the drop rates with barely no effort
      - Ability to split the drop files down (recursion) into folders and files (e.g: folder called dungeon contains many files, one of them is chaos_tunnel_dungeon.json which holds the chaos tunnel npc drops)
      - Ability to multi-roll (should be specified  by the npc)- Ability to switch to XML, I have integrated XML java beans into the drop class
       Drop editor UI integration,  extra and still in progress.
      *New Upgraded Model Header:
      - Allows us to implement/add in a variety of bosses and items into the server with no issue
      *Zoom in and out with Mouse Scrolling
    • Dear Visioneers I'd like to reach out a let you all know what's going on as I've been asked several times what is happening. We're are slowly making a breakthrough in the coding for Vision. Since the release, we've strived to be better every update. Every moment our development team works there hardest to bring you the best custom RSPS experience. We have had few knockbacks but are still pushing forward, we've been seeking a new Developer to work beside us. Once we've got the new developer we'll be able to re-release Vision317, this release will be the biggest including updates, bug fixes, content and overall smooth play. On the behalf of the team, I'd like to thank you all for standing by us while we work our hardest. Vision317 Staff Team. "We're the new evolution in custom RSPS."
    • Happy to hear you guys are excited for the release, it's definitely going to be something special!
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