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    • Server & Discord rules Make sure the Vision317 server is kept clean, please refrain from spamming as thats not allowed. Spam includes, repetitive sending of messages, emojis and extra letters added onto words.  Stick to the correct channels and make sure you're on topic at all times, this makes it easier for users to know what's going on and prevents any confusion later on down the line. The channels are there for a reason, however if you would like to see a new channel let us know!  Please remember to treat all staff members and Vision317 players with respect. Breaking this rule or any of the rules listed above may result in a ban or mute. Do not impersonate the Owner, this includes names, profile pictures. Do not impersonate any staff to.  Don't spam, self-promote or DM unsolicited invite links to any members within the Vision317 Discord. Refrain from spamming the @ everyone tag, only use it if there is a major issue. No inappropriate profiles & pictures (usernames, nicknames, avatars, linked accounts, playing status). This can include: zalgo, blank names, unusual unicode, political views, attention seeking names, overly lengthy usernames, slurs, or any other offensive material. Do not spam blocked & offensive words in the Vision317 discord, if we see such actions your discord account will be muted or banned. Be friendly to everyone. This also means, do not be racist to anyone or make racist remarks / directly swear at users / inappropriate  Respect Woman.  All members (including staff) must be treated with respect. It is unacceptable to: a) “Troll” or “flame” other members without their consent b) Actively insult or antagonize other members c) Attempt to damage other members’ reputation(s) or their property d) Harass or discriminate against members on any grounds If you decide to gamble, then any loss is on you. Vision317 highly recommends using a recording software before hand. Bandi cam is free and does the trick. Vision317 staff will not assist users who claim to have been scammed without physical clear proof.  You CANNOT advertise Vision317 on another servers Discord or server. If you're found to do so, you'll be immediately banned. This goes for the same direction if you're caught advertising on Vision317.  You CANNOT "AFK" bosses or multi log.  Giveaway Bot Rules Giveaways are to be hosted by Staff only.  Item's for giveaway must be in the Staff members Inventory prior to the Giveaways Beginning. Unless said otherwise, Giveaways must be claimed within 5 minutes of the winner being chosen, you must message the host via Discord with your in-game name. THIS IS STANDARD FOR EVERY GIVEAWAY! Staff are NOT allowed to participate in Giveaways. You may interact, but ultimately you cannot be rewarded.  If you abuse the Host, you'll automatically be banned from interacting with Giveaways. This is non-appealable. All other usual rules on discord as stated above still apply All rules are subject to change without notification.     FFA Rules
      - You CANNOT use bank, you must use the loaded sets given. (Banking in FFA in general is not allowed) - You CANNOT use normal prayers. (If you one hit someone, you'll be disqualified immediately.) - The host is killed last, don't attack them (Usually will be a staff member) - Avoid running near walls. (All rules are subject to change at any point. If a rule is broken, it's up to the highest staff member online to punish accordingly.) These rules apply to everyone, if someone breaks them please inform a member of staff.    
    • Great update! Custom items are really clean.  Can't wait for all the future updates.
    • Hello Visioneers! To get this new update, go here: http://vision317.com/V317Launcher.jar Do you want to see something in the game? Submit a suggestion here: http://vision317.com/forums/index.php?/forum/16-suggestions/ We are currently doing a Summer Sale, everything in the store is 20% off. If you want to donate for something, go here: https://app.gpay.io/store/Vision317 These are the updates of (8/3/18)-(8/4/18), stay tuned for more:   8/3/18-
      -Deathful Kites no longer stackable
      -Completely new Login Screen, Loading Screen and Launcher
      -Client/Cache Auto Updater
      -Fixed a bug that randomly disconnected the server
      -Completely new flawless Range System
      -Five new Armour Sets with Pets and Minibosses
      -When you have a full inventory with drop catcher, item will go into bank
      -When you win the Trivia, reward goes to bank
      -Mystery Boxes are now Stackable
      -Nerfed Rainbow Armour and made it into a Prayer Bonus Set
      -Removed random Ichigo Spawn
      -Removed "Unicorn" spawns
      -Completely redid every Custom Item's inventory model
      -You can no longer walk during a gamble
      -When you open another interface when placing a bet, it cancel's the gamble
      -You can no longer use Prayer during a duel
      -Lava Nex is now 1:1200, Corrupt Dragons are now 1:1200 and Trump is 10000KC to get too
      -Extreme Donators+ only able to tele to Donatorichigo
      -Minecraft helm, Light Wings and Rainbow Partyhat are no longer stackable
      -Fixed items that mess up "Arrows" and "Coins"
      -When you win trivia, it sends your reward to bank
      -When inventory is full with drop catcher, it'll send your reward to bank
      -When your inventory is full and you click an item in your bank, it wont disappear anymore
      -You can now sell -selected- customs to "I buy anything" for tickets etc
      -You can now quick claim your boxes, just right click and select "open-quickly"
      -You can now walk in Trump Zone
      -Brand new Zone for "Corrupt" so people don't sneak in
      -Added item prices to "I buy anything"
      -Completely redid stats on all customs   Launcher + Login Screen Range Sets Raptor Sets Inventory Models Custom Donations Double Bears Minijam Mommies Credit Card Pink Ownercape and Pink Boots
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