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    • Wreckless

      Re-Release   11/25/2017

      Dear users

      We're nearing the re-release of Vision317. 
      While we're still in the process of adding things please suggest things that you feel should be added
      to the server. Anything from shops, to items. Your ideas are what fuels us to build a bigger and better server 
      for you all to enjoy.  - Vision317 Staff

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  1. Earlier
  2. Happy to hear you guys are excited for the release, it's definitely going to be something special!
  3. cant wait for the new release
  4. Can't wait!
  5. Dear players and staff We're still currently working day in and day out to re-release Vision317 at a new peak of what it use to be. this new release will be better than what it use to be and be a lot cleaner. however we're still in beta and plan to be back online in out element by earlier December. we thank you all for staying tuned and being patient with us. Vision317 Staff Team. "We're the new evolution in custom RSPS."
  6. Yeah it will.
  7. At this point Vision317 isn't shut down. The developers have taken sometime to work on it and to get things working on the other server. From my understanding, RapidPK will be up shortly and ranks will follow over (Donator) as majority of your donations went to keeping vision online and helping fund RapidPK development. However this is what I'm saying and @Vern may say otherwise. @Coxy I've seen your message and attempting to dispute a payment after receiving the purchase and using we Will follow back and counter that dispute. You got what you payed for, items in game and rank. You used both over the time we were online. However if you'd like to attempt the dispute we will respond. - Wreckless
  8. Can @caadance and @Coxy not read? He literally says the server will not be shut down.
  9. seems pretty unfair we donate all that money and server gets shut down and we lose it ?, will u give us our donator and stuff on new server ? i donated 240$ .
  10. will our donator ranks and stuff go to other server then?
  11. soooo.... gg the $200 or so i donated...
  12. Nice excited to see what RapidPK is like
  13. We can't wait for the release of RapidPK. My inactivity of late has also been due to working with a few friends on a sever. Along with working. - Wreckless
  14. Hello Visioneers! So, some of you guys might say that "the server is dying", yes I can see that. I've been busy with another server that'll be dropping soon, that server is called "Rapidpk". It's been a project I've been working on with my buddies for over 5 months now. If you wanna go check it out, go to http://rapidpk.net/forums Vision317 will not be shutting down, I've put it down until I decide to put it back up. Sincerely, Vern
  15. Everyone needs a break, see you when you get back nub.
  16. Yo team sorry about the late notice, Ive only just got access to the internet. I won't be on this weekend. I've taken a much needed 3 day vacation to escape for a bit. Under a lot of stress and personal issues at home. I'll be back as soon as I can. I apologise for the late notice. - Wreckless
  17. Corrupt Torva Set
  18. Looks solid. Whats corrupt drop?
  19. looks good my man nice work
  20. Looks nice =)
  21. Hello Visioneers! To get this new update, go here: http://vision317.com/VisionLauncher.jar Do you want to see something in the game? Submit a suggestion here: http://vision317.com/forums/index.php?/forum/16-suggestions/ We are currently doing a Summer Sale, everything in the store is 20% off. If you want to donate for something, go here: https://app.gpay.io/store/Vision317 These are the updates of (6/27/17), stay tuned for more: Added Bankai Mainhand/Offhand into Rare Announcement Fixed Icy Bandos Cape Removed 2% Ammy/Ring/Ring Of Wealth from Announcements Fixed bugs with Pet System. Made it so when you have a full inv of items, it wont let you pick it up, and when you log with a full inv of item, it'll send it to the bank. Removed "::starterguide" Added a command that'll refresh/reset Well of Goodwill Made it so that there is no 15 minute trading requirement for new players. Gave "Top Donator" rank 30% Drop rate Bonus Ownercape now gives 10% drop rate Updated new player login message Removed XoX brutal Fixed animations for Hallucinationking/Flameking/24king and for Flame prince/24k prince Added Hallucination prince Added a droprate increase message for Well of Goodwill Fixed Bandos pet dupe/bug Added Duel Arena and Corrupt Dragon Added ::resetwell for Owner+ Added ::duel for duel arena Added ::corrupt you must be prestige level 5 minimum to go there Added Corrupt Jr. 5%, ::corrupt will drop it Added Ichigo Jr. 5%, ::ichigo/::donatorichigo will drop it Updated ::priceguide Added Ichigo Jr./Corrupt Jr. to Announcements Added Corrupt Set to Announcements Redid Prestige Shop Fixed duel bug Prestige Point Store Staking Media Corrupt Dragon Ichigo Jr. Corrupt Jr.
  22. All suggestions have been passed on to Vern. Please continue to keep them coming.
  23. For the two account types trading it really has no use not allowing it, its the same as buying the items form another player. And with prestige you gain 1% drop rate per one, and if there was custom rares in the shop it would crash any prices of those items. i do agree on having some good armor in it. Personally id love to see torva in there, but i dont know about the more expensive items. A decent idea is to add in a custom cape per 5 prestige levels or a prestige sword, and a master prestige sword and cape ( needing max level) You could have the stats equal to the Ichigo Black Bankai, and you could 2x the stats from a donor cape to make it more of a reward. Weapons id like to see in it Ice katana, venentus blade, legends sword, royal rapier. and a new master prestige sword. Gear id like to see in it. Venetus, ( add in some custom gear for range and mage ) right now its only melee and those who prefer mage or range are left out. maybe do a flame, icy, golden pernix and vitrus. maybe introduce some new weapons for those. Capes id like to see. legends cape, black rain wings, custom wings, love cape, a custom master prestige cape. Random items to be added. Although this is a long shot, why not add in a new drop rate item? would be easy to add in a aura that gives a certain %, maybe a 3-5%
  24. Hmm, Well, this could go a couple of different ways. We'll start by talking about the prestige shop. Now it could be made a very useful shop, at the same time we have to remember that multi-log trading is a thing. Which means and ultimate can make a regular alt and easily trade themselves prestige shop items (not saying its easy to prestige, just saying its a sort of loophole that i've seen time and time again on numerous servers), or, you can make prestiging more of a visual representation and make the shop more, shall you say "cosmetic", which is the area i'd like to see it go. Some items can include custom phats, santas, ans h'weens, (like the ones in the achievement shop), or you can go a more "custom" route and introduce some swell looking gear, wings, or even some weapons which are cosmetic of course. Those are only my opinions of course. Now onto the Slayer shop. I feel like this shop should be specifically set for pvming, which is exactly what slayer is, pvm. Now i feel like this shops should be semi-expensive, but at the same time manageable. These things could include venetus, flame torva, 24k torva, halluc torva, and icy torva. I feel like slayer should be an alternative to gaining gear for newer players, and a hefty cost of course. Also maybe adding weapons/ weapon boxes, mystery boxes, and xp lamp of some sorts would be a nice addition. But whilst we are on the topic of slayer, I feel like tasks should be looked over. Some of these tasks are any dragon task and stryks. In order to continue my slayer at the moment I have to grind agility and hunter for hours in order to even get close to being 90 in each, being I'm an ultimate. Now I agree they should hold the reqs, This its almost like it's "forcing" me to get those levels. Maybe removing npcs that require a certain skill, or removing them if you don't have the reqs. Just some ideas, Hope they help. -Zephix
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