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      Re-Release   11/25/2017

      Dear users

      We're nearing the re-release of Vision317. 
      While we're still in the process of adding things please suggest things that you feel should be added
      to the server. Anything from shops, to items. Your ideas are what fuels us to build a bigger and better server 
      for you all to enjoy.  - Vision317 Staff

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  1. Also a great guide, hope you keep up with it @Torva Keeper
  2. 6T per piece @Nova Son
  3. For the summer i thought i could make a few bundles for donations! PM me in game(if i am on) or on forums if you're interested in a bundle! Bundle 1: Super Donor, Bankai mainhand, and Drop catcher for $50 Bundle 2: Extreme Donor, Corrupt torva (or Bankai mainhand and offhand), 20% ring and drop catcher for $100 Bundle 3: Extreme Donor, Bankai mainhand, Bandos pet, 20% ring, Drop catcher, And 50 heart crystals for $150 NOTE: Bundles will NOT be doubled P.S: If you don't like the item(s) in the bundles you can also change it out for a item of equivalent value or less.
  4. Can't wait! Looks amazing so far!
  5. Thank you Vern for you dedication to the server. Also thank you for the promotion.
  6. This is my official price guide! Weapons Rainbow claws- 500b Brutal Whip- 1t Turbo Sword- 3t Ice katana- 3t Chaotic Whip- 10t Rainbow Whip- 7t Armor ALL Widow- 5t Ares Armor- 2t Ares kitshield- 7.5t Love cape- 50t Red Sexy Cape- 75t ALL Fiery- 125t (for the moment) Deathful kiteshields- 15t Cyan, striped, pink torva boots and gloves- 5t Cyan, striped, pink torva armor- 2t Blood torva- Undecided ALL Fiesta- Undecided ALL Beastmaster- 400b Rainbow armor- 1t Accessories Drop rate rings- Undecided Blood necklace- 15t Other Cyrstal Key- 5b Mystery Box- 20b Weapon Box- 250b PRICES ARE BOUND TO CHANGE Moderator of Vision317, Player X, out.