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      Re-Release   11/25/2017

      Dear users

      We're nearing the re-release of Vision317. 
      While we're still in the process of adding things please suggest things that you feel should be added
      to the server. Anything from shops, to items. Your ideas are what fuels us to build a bigger and better server 
      for you all to enjoy.  - Vision317 Staff


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  1. wrm kan ik geen berichten sturen op forums naar u? 

    het zegt da men inbox vol zit fzo? :S

    1. PenisDagger


      Zal er zo ff naar kijken

    2. PenisDagger
  2. Nice price guide buddy! Well done! :3 Winokio
  3. Forums looking great so far! It can be improved, but that will happen by time! (bad english, lol)
  4. Great updates! can't wait to see more! Winokio.
  5. Great job!