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  1. I would like for all players to read through this whole thread, thank you. Once again the server is having another problem. We are very sorry about this problem and we will try our best to get it fixed immediately, We're not exactly sure why the server keeps going online for about 2 minutes then back offline repeatedly. It could be a ddos or just some type of error. I currently cannot access the vps at this moment but I will try to contact Vern. Also since we do not known the cause of the current disconnections we would like for everyone to maybe comment what may be the source of them problem. For example maybe clicking on a strange item or object. That followed with the disconnections.. Sorry once again for technical issues that we're having.
  2. Yes, the server is down.. The reason for the down time is because there is a problem about all commands being disabled. Once the server is back up there will be new content, and possibly free items for compensation for the down time.
  3. Server is back up!
  4. Hello Guys! It's been a little while since the last time we posted a update on forums... So here is the latest updates. Update Log For 1-16-17: -4 New colored comp capes have been added and will be introduced ingame this week. -Elder Maul, Kodai Wand, Dragon Claws, Dragon Hunter C'Bow -1b tickets are in the ticket merchant's shop -::drzone are populated with tormented demons that drop 2-5% accessories -2b and 1b shop is BACK! -::cataclysm drops the NEW best armor ingame -::updates brings you to the update section That's it for so far! Sincerely, Vision317 Team