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      Re-Release   11/25/2017

      Dear users

      We're nearing the re-release of Vision317. 
      While we're still in the process of adding things please suggest things that you feel should be added
      to the server. Anything from shops, to items. Your ideas are what fuels us to build a bigger and better server 
      for you all to enjoy.  - Vision317 Staff


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  1. At this point Vision317 isn't shut down. The developers have taken sometime to work on it and to get things working on the other server. From my understanding, RapidPK will be up shortly and ranks will follow over (Donator) as majority of your donations went to keeping vision online and helping fund RapidPK development. However this is what I'm saying and @Vern may say otherwise. @Coxy I've seen your message and attempting to dispute a payment after receiving the purchase and using we Will follow back and counter that dispute. You got what you payed for, items in game and rank. You used both over the time we were online. However if you'd like to attempt the dispute we will respond. - Wreckless
  2. We can't wait for the release of RapidPK. My inactivity of late has also been due to working with a few friends on a sever. Along with working. - Wreckless
  3. Yo team sorry about the late notice, Ive only just got access to the internet. I won't be on this weekend. I've taken a much needed 3 day vacation to escape for a bit. Under a lot of stress and personal issues at home. I'll be back as soon as I can. I apologise for the late notice. - Wreckless
  4. All suggestions have been passed on to Vern. Please continue to keep them coming.
  5. There are upcoming NPC coming. Plans have been made, the developers are working there hardest to give content. Please keep in mind we're new server, still growing. The team works hard to give you the best experience to enjoy.
  6. We did have a starter guide, however I'll do a new an improved on this evening. This will be linked in-game via a command. Majority of the server will assist you when you load in, simple ask for help in the Clan Chat. - Wreckless
  7. Hello Visioners! First of all from all the team at Vision317 we'd like to thank you all for your continued involvement in the community and game. Your feedback is important to us, we want to ensure that the content you want is implemented as soon as possible. So it's almost time for another update, however before the final calls are made we'd like to get a bit of community input regarding the Prestige shop as well as the Slayer shop. We'd like to know what you'd like to see in it, so post below what you want and we will work with you to make it happen. Thank you again for the continued support. - Vision317 Staff Team ~ Wreckless
  8. Dopest.
  9. Thank you Vern, hopefully I can perform to your standards.
  10. Hello Mrs. Khalifa... do you suck from young adults? No I fap to wrinkly armpits but I know how you watch illegal teen videos failing. My
  11. I'm liking these updates, keep them coming mate.
  12. This would explain why my account is currently at Donator Zone.. Wasn't aware he knew about me, never seen him before.