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  1. For the two account types trading it really has no use not allowing it, its the same as buying the items form another player. And with prestige you gain 1% drop rate per one, and if there was custom rares in the shop it would crash any prices of those items. i do agree on having some good armor in it. Personally id love to see torva in there, but i dont know about the more expensive items. A decent idea is to add in a custom cape per 5 prestige levels or a prestige sword, and a master prestige sword and cape ( needing max level) You could have the stats equal to the Ichigo Black Bankai, and you could 2x the stats from a donor cape to make it more of a reward. Weapons id like to see in it Ice katana, venentus blade, legends sword, royal rapier. and a new master prestige sword. Gear id like to see in it. Venetus, ( add in some custom gear for range and mage ) right now its only melee and those who prefer mage or range are left out. maybe do a flame, icy, golden pernix and vitrus. maybe introduce some new weapons for those. Capes id like to see. legends cape, black rain wings, custom wings, love cape, a custom master prestige cape. Random items to be added. Although this is a long shot, why not add in a new drop rate item? would be easy to add in a aura that gives a certain %, maybe a 3-5%
  2. (Cosmetics) Reg party hats (rbgypw)1b a set (mystery boxes or customs) Custom party hats/ custom h'weens 10b (Christmas cracker) Black Santa/ Black party hat/black h'ween 1t (Capes) Wings (roygbbp) 2b ea (mystery box or dragon imps) Light slayer cape 1.5t Red sexy cape 15b (vote box) Death cape 10b (mystery box) Lightscape wings 15b (vote box) Green glass wings 20b (titanzone) Black rain wings 100b (intenz) Rainbow wings 250b (no longer able to get) (Gloves) Assassins glove 250b (intenze) Dragonbone gloves 10b (dragonbone) Fame gloves 50b (flameking) Boxing gloves 6t (donation only) (Boots) Flame boots 65b (flameking) Icy boots 400 b(icy) Primordial 500b (cerb) Eternal 500b (cerb) Peagasin 500b (cerb) Dream wing boots 50b (undead) Firery flippers 50b (undead) (Amulet/rings) Gold chain 1.5t-2t (vetion) 8% ring 8t (donation, vote) 15% ring 10t (donation ,vote) 20% ring 15t (donation, vote) (Weapons) Dragon rapier 100b (undead) Golden rapier 100b (undead) Ice katana 650b (stq, icy and donation) Brutal whip 10b (stq) Ventus main hand 10b (titanzone) Ventus off-hand 10b (titanzone) Royal rapier 5t (vote box and donation) Corrupt whip 4t (donation obly) Ichigo black bankai 15t (donation and ichigo) Ichigo black bankai defender 15t (donation and ichigo) (Armor) Starters (legit freen) Vangaurd 50b (customs) Flame torva 300b (flameking) Dragonbone 40b (dragonbone) Ventus 120b (titanzone) Icy 5t (icy) Legion 4t (celestials) Chaotic valgor 2t (prestige shop, valgor) Corrupt 6t (donation and corrupt ( requires 5th prestige) Hallucination 5.5t (halluking) (pets) 24k pet 50b Flameking pet 50b Bandos pet 20t (unranked items) Deathkites 250b (vetion, scorpia) Mystery box 10b (mbox) Vote box 200b (vote) Weapon box 25b (wepzone) Drop catcher 7.5t (donation only) Donor box 10t (donation only) Super donator 20t-25t (donation only) Extreme 50-60t (donation only) (Important) All items are able to change depending on the ammount game these are no the set price but what to go off of. Many items will be added, but this is a list of what we have come up with.
  3. how dose one apply for vet rank on the forums ?

    1. Vern


      You have to be playing for more than 3 months.