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  1. Everyone needs a break, see you when you get back nub.
  2. Looks solid. Whats corrupt drop?
  3. Hmm, Well, this could go a couple of different ways. We'll start by talking about the prestige shop. Now it could be made a very useful shop, at the same time we have to remember that multi-log trading is a thing. Which means and ultimate can make a regular alt and easily trade themselves prestige shop items (not saying its easy to prestige, just saying its a sort of loophole that i've seen time and time again on numerous servers), or, you can make prestiging more of a visual representation and make the shop more, shall you say "cosmetic", which is the area i'd like to see it go. Some items can include custom phats, santas, ans h'weens, (like the ones in the achievement shop), or you can go a more "custom" route and introduce some swell looking gear, wings, or even some weapons which are cosmetic of course. Those are only my opinions of course. Now onto the Slayer shop. I feel like this shop should be specifically set for pvming, which is exactly what slayer is, pvm. Now i feel like this shops should be semi-expensive, but at the same time manageable. These things could include venetus, flame torva, 24k torva, halluc torva, and icy torva. I feel like slayer should be an alternative to gaining gear for newer players, and a hefty cost of course. Also maybe adding weapons/ weapon boxes, mystery boxes, and xp lamp of some sorts would be a nice addition. But whilst we are on the topic of slayer, I feel like tasks should be looked over. Some of these tasks are any dragon task and stryks. In order to continue my slayer at the moment I have to grind agility and hunter for hours in order to even get close to being 90 in each, being I'm an ultimate. Now I agree they should hold the reqs, This its almost like it's "forcing" me to get those levels. Maybe removing npcs that require a certain skill, or removing them if you don't have the reqs. Just some ideas, Hope they help. -Zephix
  4. Very nice additions and fixes. Keep up the good work!
  5. Hllo Mrs. Khalifa... Do you suck from young adults? No I FAP to wrinkly armpits but