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  1. hello mrs. khalifa how... do you suck
  2. Mrs. khalifa
  3. thanks dude!
  4. i found that excessive clicking between nps caused a lag spike, unsure if this was server based. but it was defiantly evident on my side of the client. - the disconnections may be linked to the source of the server, what is hosting it? im not an expert but this could be a problem. - and maybe run a traceroute to find the networks output and input, to test if it a ddos attack. goodluck on trying to fix the issue though!
  5. thanks for the update fam!
  6. thanks for updates, i was with vern last night while he was trying to fix the error and he was straight frustrated ahahha. im sure once the server is running it will be amazing! thanks!
  7. congrats bro, this should be fun!