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(9/17-17)-(11/11/17) Update Log and Patch Notes!


Hello everyone, these are the patch notes and just updates we've done to the server from September 17 to November 11th. Some of these were much needed. More to come.


Rewritten drop rate percentages for drop rate rings, highest drop rate only goes up to 10%
Removed 15% and 20% ring.
Revamp tele colors
Added droprate bonus into equipment interface
Added ::checkreason logs
Made Salve Amulet into 1% Drop rate.
Nerfed % rings strength bonus
Changed Salve Amulet into 1% Amulet client sided
Changed Ultimate Mode drop rate % from 15% to 5%
-Regular Donator now gives 5%
-Super Donator now gives 7%
-Extreme Donator now gives 10%
-Sponsor now gives 12%
-Top Donator now gives 15%
Torva juniors now give 1% drop rate
OSRS pets now give 5%
Ichigo and Corrupt Jr. now give 5%
-Fully redone Options Tab, made it look appealing lol.
-Added new client logo
-Removed Death Cape from game
-Redone Duel Arena walls
-Removed Ornamental Boss and Asgardian Boss from Duel Arena
-Added TorvaSet-RaptorSet/FlameTorvaSet-FlameRaptorSet/CorruptTorvaSet-DeathSet to upgrade chest
-Added stats to Raptor Set, Flame Raptor Set and Death Set.
-Added "Lime Whip" server sided
-Added the Upgrade Chest that supports Vision Stone which will reduce the odds by 50%
-Added in the Login Screen loading screen
-Added ModTools (Name/Mac/Ip) shown upon login, only owners will be able to see
-Fixed wording/caps in item.cfg (much cleaner)
-Made Icy Cape give 10% instead of 20%
-Changed SpellBook menu into Teleports/Commands menu
-Added new icon/logo for spellbook which is now the new teleports/commands menu
-Created new interface concepts
-New mini orbs for world map made
-Added in new christmas themed "Login Background"
-Added in new christmas themed "Minimap orb"
-Changed "Vote4Cash" minimap orb text to "Vote"
-Changed text for the minimap orb
-Fixed link for "advisor" to the proper link
-Redid combat styles tab
-Redid clan chat tab
-Teleport system/interface added
-Command interface added
-Teleport/Command tab added
-Finished up the upgrade chest
-Box interface added
-Stafflist tab and Player Information tab added
-Back button added on magic tab
-Gave ichigo movement
-Added staff members into Staff Tab
-Fixed memorial object at ::donatorichigo
-Added ::npckills
-Added ::teleports
-Added ::commands
-Added ::updates
-Finished teleport interface
-Finished command interface
-Disabled "::pvmcommands" and "::normcommands"

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