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(4/5/18-4/8/18) IRONMAN MODE + MORE!


Hello Visioneers!

Do you want to see something in the game? Submit a suggestion here: http://vision317.com/forums/index.php?/forum/16-suggestions/

These are the updates of (4/5/18-4/8/18), stay tuned for more:

-Website is now back up!
-Fixed Vote Mystery Box reward text
-Integrated Regular Mystery and Weapon Boxes with new MBOX system
-Fixed Mouse Scroll Zooming so you can only zoom in and out in certain spots
-Integrated multiple Mystery Box handling system to handle multiple boxes
-Weapon Boxes now work

-Changed Quest Tab color from GREEN to RED
-Made alot of the chat notifications more appealing to the eye
New Content:
-Implemented interface for Upgrade System
-When clicking Upgrade Chest, it'll now show the new interface
-Added in Lava Torva and Lava Pernix into the game
Bug Patches:
-Flame Raptor Platebody now goes in the right slot
-Login Messages now work upon login
-Super Donators aren't able to view ip's upon login anymore

-Redesigned the Mystery Box interface
-Readjusted Zoom In and Out buttons more to the right
-Redid alot of the colors
-Changed Lava Torva Helm inventory model
-Added Ironman and Ultimate Mode to ::players
New Stuff:
-Implemented "I Buy Anything" shop
-Implemented Iron Man Mode
-Added in ::giveiron and ::givehelper for future staff uses
-Teleport system now supports npckill requirements and donator rank requirements
-New Model Header now in the game, expect upcoming sick content
Bug Patches:
-You can now open upgrade chest and it'll show proper interface
-Removed Old Login Starter Interface that didn't work properly and brought back the old one,
new one coming soon.
-Mystery Box System now loads proper items when spinning
-Whenever hovering over an Ultimate Mode player, it'll show Ultimate (colored) before their name
instead of "<col=80000000000>Vern"
Ironman Features:
-Can't Trade
-Can't access certain shops
-EXP rates are 35% slower
-Drop Rate Bonus is an extra 10%


Ultimate title before name:

Re-Adjusted Zoom in and out buttons:


Ironman Rank/Mode:

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