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    trivia guide

    there changed alot after the update so this is not up to date. samsoniiee
  2. Samsoniiee

    trivia guide

    welcome to my trivia guild. when u see one of the below questions try to be as fast as posible. always start first with ::answer. 1. who is the co-owner? = x 2. whitch boss drops 'bankai blades'? = ichigo 3. where can you get hallucination torva? = hallucking 4. who is the owner? = vern 5. what prestige level do u need to kill lava nex? = 3 6. what the name of the server? = vision317 7. what is the killcount requirement for trump? = 10000 8. who is the community manager? = fate 9. whitch boss drops 'gold chain'? = vetion 10. who is the global mod? = ryu 11. what do you get for voting? = boxes 12. where did lebron james sign too? = lakers hope this will help u out a bit goodluck. Samsoniiee