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  1. Blackheartv2

    I'm Guwu

    Nice to meet you Guru! I wish you the best of luck with your studies
  2. Blackheartv2

    "0" Aka - Mr 0 : Introduction

    Good to meet you Hope you are living the best life you can Always here if you need anything. Stay frosty
  3. Blackheartv2

    Hey Guys!

    Hello Everybody, Hope All is well I am the Global Administrator of Vision, If you guys need any help feel free to PM either ingame or on discord. I hope to meet everyone of you ingame!
  4. Blackheartv2

    Weapon Guide

    Hello Visioneers, I have been seeing a lot of requests for a weapons guide and decided to make one to go along with the gear guide. If you wanna check out the gear guide head over here: https://vision317.com/forums/index.php?/topic/27-gear-guide/ MainHands Starter Mainhand Colorful Claws (Weapon box) Cyan Halo Sword (Weapon Box) Aqua Whip (Weapon Box) Gold Dragon Scimitar (Spongebob) Bone Sword (Weapon Box) Blade of Destruction (Pikachu,Spongebob) Energy Sword (Weapon Box) 24K Katana (24k Kings) Google Chrome Sword (Pikachu,Spongebob) Chaotic Whip (Weapon Box) Turbo Sword (Weapon Box) Rainbow Whip (Weapon Box) Hallucination Blade (Hallucination King) Venetus Mainhand (Venetus Boss) Devil Scythe (Weapon Box) Ice Katana (Sea Troll Queen) Legends Blade (100k Custom Points) Royal Rapier (Vote Boxes) Abyssal Bludgeon (Abyssal Sire) Abyssal Dagger (Cerberus) Bankai MainHand (Ichigo Boss) Offhands Starter Offhand Venetus Offhand (Venetus Boss) Bankai Offhand (Ichigo Boss) Glock (Bronze Sirenics) Ak47 (Iron Sirenics) Assault Rifle (Donation Store) Minigun (Donation Store) Minijam (Donation Store)
  5. Blackheartv2

    Vision Rules

    Rule 1 - Offensive Language, Flaming, Disrespect, & Other Players of Vision are not allowed to use language that is considered offensive or obscene to other players. This includes things such as swearing, spamming, harassment of any kind, racism, etc. This applies in yell, clan chat, and pm. Players caught doing this will be punished accordingly. Rule 2 - Discrimination Players of Vision are not allowed to discriminate against other players due to race, religion, gender, age, etc. This is seen as prejudice and can be considered highly offensive Rule 3 - Multi-logging Players of Vision are not allowed to multi-log. Rule 4 - 3rd Party Software Players of Vision are not allowed to use any software that renders a disadvantage towards other players. This includes things such as DDoS Tools/Websites, Cheat Clients, Auto Clickers, and Auto Typers. You are not allowed to use bots/auto-clickers for skilling. Any player caught using said software will be banned without warning. Multiple instances will result in a full ban from the server Rule 5 - Hacking Account, Password, and Items Players of Vision are not allowed to hack or deceive other players in any way. This includes gaining access/tampering with another players account without consent. Rule 6 - Bug Abuse Players of Vision are not allowed to abuse or exploit any bugs/glitches that may cause an unfair advantage against other players. All bugs should be found should be reported to staff immediately to avoid punishment. Rule 7 - Real World Trading / Account Sharing Players of Vision are not allowed to sell Vision wealth for PayPal, cash, or any means of real-life payment. Selling or trading accounts will result in an immediate ban or permanent mute on your account. Rule 8 - Advertising Players of Vision are not allowed to advertise for another server/website. This includes spamming in help cc, yell, and pm. Advertising will not be tolerated in-game or on forums and will result in an immediate IP mute/IP ban. Rule 9 - Impersonation of Others/Staff Players of Vision are not allowed to impersonate other players, especially staff members. This includes usernames, profile picture, yell/cc/pm, etc. Rule 10 - Vpn Voting Players of Vision are not allowed to Vpn vote. This means to manipulate the voting system. Rule 11 - No Refunding Donations Player of Vision cannot get a donation refund. Players who donate accept the Strict Non-Refundable Policy. Rule 11 - Begging Players of Vision are not allowed to beg. This includes asking for "free items", "rebuilds", or by spam trading other players/staff. Rule 13 - Afking Bosses Players of Vision are not allowed to afk bosses. There are a limited number of bosses for all players to kill. Players that are using up a spot and not actually there can result in a jail. Rule 14 - Player/Staff Respect Players of Vision are to treat all players and staff with respect. Breaking this rule may result in a ban or mute.
  6. Blackheartv2

    Did i bug my account?

    Account Fixed -locked
  7. Blackheartv2

    trivia guide

    There is an updated trivia guide that has been posted. Please follow that instead -Locked
  8. Blackheartv2

    Did i bug my account?

    you did pm me on discord Savage412#1118
  9. Blackheartv2

    Gear Guide

    Hello Visioneers, Here is a gear guide to hopefully help you with your progression! 24k Torva (24k Kings) 1:70 Icy Torva (Icy Skeletons) Cape (Donation Store) Drop is 1:350 Flame Torva (::flameking) 1:80 Venetus (::venetus) 1:100 Hallucination Torva (::hallucking) 1:170 Green Raptor (Raptor Zone) 1:400-500 Blue Raptor (Raptor Zone) 1:400-500 Imperial Set (Imperial Dragons) 1:600 Lava Torva (Lava Nex) 1:1200 Corrupt Set (Corrupt Dragons) Boots and Gloves (Donation Store) 1:1200 Death Set (Upgraded Corrupt Pieces) Boots and Gloves (Donation Store) 16% chance for upgrade Trump Set (Trump Boss) 1:900 Aniston Set (Aniston Boss) 1:900 Bronze Sirenic (Sirenic Zone) 1:200-300 Iron Sirenic (Sirenic Zone) 1:200-300 Blue Sirenic Set (Crystal Hearts and Donation Store) Avery Set (Donation Store)
  10. Blackheartv2

    Hello all

    Good to meet you luck
  11. Keep it Up Didy! Love the Content
  12. Blackheartv2

    Howdy, peoples!

    Good to meet ya Partner!
  13. Blackheartv2

    Crystal Heart Rewards

    Flame Raptor Armor Venetus Armor and Weapons Legion Armor 2% ring Rainbow, Piyan, Diamond Partyhats Ice Katana Vision Stone Bronze Sirenic Armor Imperial Armor Lava Torva Armor Icy Torva Armor Corrupt Armor 10% Droprate Ring Bankai Set Donator Ticket Royal Rapier
  14. Blackheartv2

    Server Update #2

    Hello Visioneers! To get this new update, go here: http://vision317.com/Vision317.jar Do you want to see something in the game? Submit a suggestion here: https://vision317.com/forums/index.php?/forum/22-suggestions/ These are the updates of (4/14/19)-(4/30/19), stay tuned for more: 4/14/19 -Flame Raptor Helm isn't see through anymore 4/16/19 -Bugs with CC are slowly getting fixed -Lumbridge is now disabled due to it being bugged -Frost Dragon Bones now stackable. -Zoom In & Out Hotkeys for Laptop -Imp Jr. will no longer say "Null" on global drops announcement -Added Trump/Sirenic Sets to Global Drops Announcement -Updated StaffList -Updated Trivia Questions/Answers and Rewards -Removed Null from Lava Pernix Drop -"Update" interface removed to fix lag issues -Added ::starterguide 4/17/19 -Updated Donator Store 4/18/19 -Redid Fishing Exp's -Redid RuneCrafting Exp's -Fixed Cape-Arrow bug -Launcher now works -Redid ::wepzone + added more spawns -Redid INV model for Venetus Offhand -Implemented "Tweening" for smoother animations and gameplay -Added new Slayer Tasks -Added new rewards to the Prestige Point Store -Venetus Offhand now has proper anims 4/29/19 -Fixed Venetus Offhand Bug (and added proper anims) -Packed in new Aniston Map 4/30/19 -Redid inv models for Death Set -Redid inv model for Glock -Added Aniston Boss -Updated ::priceguide, ::newclient, ::starterguide -Added ::rules -Added ::triviaguide -Added (ESC) to escape interfaces -Redid announcement messages etc -Muted FFA messages -Fixed Sirenic Drop Rates Aniston armor is best set ingame and the pet has a whopping 12% drop rate bonus Aniston Armour + Pet Aniston Boss + Zone
  15. Blackheartv2

    Updated Trivia Guide

    Hello Visioneers, Here is an updated version for trivia question and answers: What is the name of the server? Vision317 Who is the owner? Vern Who is the Community Manager? X Where can you get Hallucination Torva? Hallucking What do you get for voting? Boxes Who is the Co-owner? Fate What is the kill count requirement for Trump? 10000 Who is the Global Administrator? Nan Where did Lebron James sign too? Lakers What is the prestige requirement for Lava Nex? 3 How old is Jennifer Aniston? 50 How many rings does Kobe Bryant have? 5 What revision is Vision317? 317 What is Vision317 spelt backwards? 713noisiv How many Championships does the Lakers have? Sixteen What is 'Basketball' spelt backwards? llabteksab