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    trivia guide

    I'll help. I'd edit it into the last post, but there's no edit button..... who is the global administrator? answer: Nan. What do you get from voting? answer: Boxes.
  2. The Infernix

    trivia guide

    yeah, they added a bunch of new ones.
  3. The Infernix

    trivia guide

    co-owner can also be fate I believe.
  4. The Infernix

    Howdy, peoples!

    Greeting, I'm The Infernix, and I am proud to be among the first people to join this server! I look forward to the great journey ahead, for both me and the server, and I want you all to be here beside me!
  5. The Infernix

    It's gone...?

    Oh. I can play, but the problem still persists. I didn't say they made it unplayable, it just takes a long time and a lot of luck to make it work. Also, another bug to add to that report, is that sometimes I can see the messages other people type in clan chat, and they can see what I type, but I can't see what I type myself. I type something like "hi" and everybody else sees it and says "hi", but I can't see the one I typed, for example. i tried relogging, but because of the glitches I mentioned in the earlier bug report, I didn't have time to fire it back up. vote boxes can be opened with quick-open, but AFAIK, the interface is still broken.
  6. The Infernix

    It's gone...?

    I made a thread in this forum-the first one ever, in fact-but it vanished. What happened?