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    I'm Guwu

    Hello, Great to see you here mate, and wonderful introduction. Accounting plus Business Administrator is quite a task on hand, I wish you well on your studies. Welcome to to Vision317, I am sure I will see plenty of you, thank you for supporting Vision317. - Brian C. (aka) Mr 0
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    Hello all

    Hello Luck, I've seen you around quite a bit. Love the name, also I agree it will be amazing once Vision hits over 100+ players. - Brian C. (aka) Mr 0
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    "0" Aka - Mr 0 : Introduction

    Aside from all of this, I'm now a father of a boy due Aug 15th. Me and my wife are growing closer and closer through each uprising and each downfall. This is what keeps me striving to go on further, glad to achieve my goals of having a family. - Brian C. (aka) Mr 0
  4. Hello, I'm Brian C. Chronic Gamer, Poet, DJ, Musician, Game Developer/Designer, Software Developer/Designer, Hardware Developer/Designer, Website Developer/Designer, Graphics Designer, plus a Novelist and song writer. I also have other wide varity of abilities, but due to my disability of seizures and schizoeffective disorder, alongside my perm brain damage because of being abused in a relationship with a steel chain to the head, I can't work a normal job... My forehead is now cracked from my left eye up to the top of my forehead. Sure I know a lot of people will be curious why I would put this information. But I have good hopes that this community will open me with arms wide open. I'm a disabled individual that has seizures but I'm able to move and what not like normal. I just have a crack in my forehead from the bottom of my left eye to the top of my forehead. This happened when I was in a Transitional Living Program to learn to become more independent. This was back in 2010, I just turned 27 this year in July. I have permanent brain damage from it and sometimes deal with spinal leakage from my left nostril. I've been in juvenile detention when I was in high-school, didn't know that writing notes could get you locked up. Just stated that I didn't want to hurt anyone really badly so to speak in the note I used more descriptive word. Was a reason because the kid was bullying me and I decided to leave the school so I didn't do something I would regret... I then preceded to walk home, and sure enough was warranted.. All of that history brought me through a bunch of other stuff in the future I discovered... Confusion with communication and trusting others and especially in relationships. So I'm sorry if at times if I tend to get aggravated at people, very hard at times due to lacking trust in these days. I have been engaged 4 times, but never married. I've had to deal with a 3 year lie with one of them lying about which college they was going to only to find out that they was going to the local school. While pretending to visit me at my residency and telling everyone that she was at my place. But using me not only emotionally, mentally and physically by doing everything to make a man go nuts and make me go into seizures. She persisted to even use me as a pass so she wouldn't have to pay for a parking pass to park at school.. Never even seeing me after class. Persisted to catch her in the act. She hid for hours around bushes to try to prevent me from catching her running to her car avoiding me... I then told her that I knew she was going to the local college and was lying to me for over 3 years.. Plus even persisted to claim bi-sexuality after engagement.. I understand and accept both sex's but when in a relationship I seek to bound to them therefore deeming out gay, or bi-sexuality, etc... I even saved one twice from being homeless and took them in only for them to leave me by claiming I was faking a seizure when instead I fainted from heat exhaustion and landed on my spine which has it's own problems. Leaving me knocked out for a bit they persisted to claim I was okay.. But yet I was drenched in sweat from every pore... Clearly I wasn't okay.. That's to explain some of the absurdities I have experienced in relationships.. But to explain a bit about me, I have a wide array of abilities even though I have seizures.. I'm a Chronic Gamer, Poet, DJ, Musician, Game Developer/Designer, Software Developer/Designer, Hardware Developer/Designer, Website Developer/Designer, Graphics Designer, plus a Novelist and song writer. My father has passed away about 3 years ago in 2015, I was at my mom's place where she has been living with my dad. I moved to an apartment of my own, due to the fact my mom cannot listen to me and accept truth. She has tried to kick me out on the street several times, but enough is enough of that. Blaming me for the faults of hers while I tell her to be wary of men herself, because she has been dealing with things of a bad habit so to speak. But she must learn to deal with it, I have my life to live as well.. - But now we get live in our own separate places and get along quite well. I'm a Luciferian, not one that "Worships the Devil" so to speak. I am one that accept to be a Devil, as the word translates to accuser. So therefore all that accuse deem themselves a devil. Yet the journey is far from over with that bit, it will take me a bit to explain this portion of me, but in time you will understand. I hope that this isn't to much for you to read, I'm a very open and willing to share. 'Devotion unto the mind, seek what I want to find. To be understood for what I am, to be accepted, not to be saw as the lamb. Not a God, nor the Creator, I'm just a man, looking to balance the score. Searching far and wide, fallen to this land to find my bride.' - Brian C. (aka) Mr 0