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Hello Visioneers! To get this new update, go here: http://vision317.com/Vision317.jar

Do you want to see something in the game? Submit a suggestion here: https://vision317.com/forums/index.php?/forum/22-suggestions/

These are the updates of (4/14/19)-(4/30/19), stay tuned for more: 

-Flame Raptor Helm isn't see through anymore

-Bugs with CC are slowly getting fixed
-Lumbridge is now disabled due to it being bugged
-Frost Dragon Bones now stackable.
-Zoom In & Out Hotkeys for Laptop
-Imp Jr. will no longer say "Null" on global drops announcement
-Added Trump/Sirenic Sets to Global Drops Announcement
-Updated StaffList
-Updated Trivia Questions/Answers and Rewards
-Removed Null from Lava Pernix Drop
-"Update" interface removed to fix lag issues
-Added ::starterguide

-Updated Donator Store

-Redid Fishing Exp's
-Redid RuneCrafting Exp's
-Fixed Cape-Arrow bug
-Launcher now works
-Redid ::wepzone + added more spawns
-Redid INV model for Venetus Offhand
-Implemented "Tweening" for smoother animations and gameplay
-Added new Slayer Tasks
-Added new rewards to the Prestige Point Store
-Venetus Offhand now has proper anims

-Fixed Venetus Offhand Bug (and added proper anims)
-Packed in new Aniston Map

-Redid inv models for Death Set
-Redid inv model for Glock
-Added Aniston Boss
-Updated ::priceguide, ::newclient, ::starterguide
-Added ::rules
-Added ::triviaguide
-Added (ESC) to escape interfaces
-Redid announcement messages etc
-Muted FFA messages
-Fixed Sirenic Drop Rates


Aniston armor is best set ingame and the pet has a whopping 12% drop rate bonus

Aniston Armour + Pet



Aniston Boss + Zone



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I love the update, back to Sirenic farming for that AK!

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