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Ur Fat Nan

End Game Guide

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Vision317 End Game Guide

Congratulations on completing the intermediate guide! From here on out you will be grinding towards the best in-slot items that are in-game.

Step 11: lava nex  most notable drops are the pet and the amulet since they increase your drop rate by a decent amount lava pernix and torva give 0 drop rate but do help with dps.

Lava nex:

Requirements: Prestige 3

Drops: 1:1200

Lava nex jr: 7% dr

Lava torva helm

Lava torva platebody

Lava torva platelegs

Lava amulet: 5% dr (best in-slot amulet)

Lava pernix helm

Lava pernix body

Lava pernix chaps


Step 12: at corrupt dragons you far the Armour pieces to attempt and upgrade them with a 16% chance , i it does upgrade you receive a death piece which gives u 2% dr per piece.

Corrupt dragon:

Requirements: Prestige 3

Drops: 1:1200

Corrupt torva platebody (can be upgraded into death platebody 16% success rate) (gives 2% dr)

Corrupt torva platelegs (can be upgraded into death platelegs 16% success rate) (gives 2% dr)

Corrupt torva full helm (can be upgraded into death full helm 16% success rate) (gives 2% dr)

Corrupt jr. (7% dr pet)


Step 13: the Donald Trump set gives the same amount of drop rate as the death set but the trump set gives a lot more strength if we compare both sets.

(see gear guide by blackheart)

Donald trump:

Requirements: 10000 KillCount

Drops: 1:900

Trump helm (2% dr)

Trump body (2% dr)

Trump legs (2% dr)

Trump boots (0% dr)

Trump gloves (0% dr)

Trump jr. (10% dr)


Step 13: Jennifer Aniston is the best in-slot Armour since it gives 3% drop rate per piece the requirements may take some time to obtain but it will be worth it.

Jennifer Aniston:

Requirements: 10000 KillCount and prestige 3

Drops: 1:900

Aniston hair (0% dr) 

Aniston body (3% dr) (best in-slot)

Aniston legs (3% dr) (best in-slot)

Aniston boots (0% dr) 

Aniston gloves (0% dr) 

Aniston jr. (12% dr) (best farmable pet)



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